Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bond.. James Bond

You may all laugh and think "Yea Whatever" when I mention this, but here it goes..

almost a year ago I was sitting around at work talking with some people, and the subject of James Bond Came up. What we decided at that time was the following..

Ewan MacGregor set in the 1960's.. at the Beginning! Before he became a badass..

Flash forward a year... to the release of Casino Royale.. Where..

Daniel Craig (Layer Cake) plays a young James Bond.. not even with "Double 'O'" Status yet.. giving the series a very badly needed reboot.

Casino Royale is James Bond's first mission, where he must stop a banker from winning a casino tournament and using the prize money to fund terrorist activities.

This is what the series has needed so badly. going back to the basics, stop making bond a parody, and get back to the beginning. Danil Craig got a lot of flack for being picked as Bond, but I think he captures the essence of Bond perfectly. You learn so much about the character, his motivation for the rest of the series... Why he's so cold hearted, why he trusts no one.

In this movie, Bond isn't a super-hero, he has flaws.. he doesn't mind getting hurt, he's human.

I really wish that now they go back and revisit the earlier Bonds now and do things right.

Casino Royale: B