Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Star Wars.. Again

So, I was out having dinner with some friends, and we were discussing THE PEOPLE VS. GEORGE LUCAS , the disturbing movie where people spend the entire time complaining about how Lucas has destroyed their childhood by changing his original trilogy and then making 3 new movies.
Eventually there were about 6 people involved in the conversation and one of them said "I am embarrassed to let my 6 year olds see Star Wars in this new form," and there was a slight pause in the conversation, and I pondered the statement for a few minutes, and we started to change the subject.. Now that I've had a few days to think about it here's my response:

Your 6 year old kids... really don't give a shit about what you think about Star Wars. 6 year olds aren't looking at the film and picking it apart, they just don't care - They care about what's on the screen.
I'm sure when you were 6 years old you liked watching stuff that your parents rolled their eyes at.

Now, Lucas has always said that the movies were for kids. Here's a news flash for everyone over the age of 25… you aren't a kid. Your kids, Especially 6 year olds, are getting the SAME experience you did from the films because they are NEW to them, just like the original trilogy was new to you.
I can appreciate Lucas updating the series for the new generation, much like Hollywood is remaking every film under the sun for the new film going demographic.
I'm sorry your childhood has been raped, but for the new generation being introduced to Star Wars, they just don't care.