Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! In IMAX 3D

There has been a rumour the IMAX was working on a new method to convert regular movies to IMAX 3D.

Word came today that SUPERMAN RETURNS will be the first conventional LIVE ACTION movie to be converted into IMAX 3D.

This could be the start of an interesting trend! I'm looking forward to it!


I guess that only 20 minutes of the film will be in 3D.. there will be visual cues when to put the glasses on to see it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

First off, sorry for anyone

who took my Oscar picks like they were gospel.

I was many of the people that entered Oscar pools, and although I posted my top *6* choices on here, I had to make picks in all 19 categories for the pools. My Record this year: 15 right out 19.

Although I picked BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN as best picture, I'm satisfied with CRASH taking it. If you look back at my review of CRASH on here, you know how much I gushed over it. In my younger years, I would have had the moxy to pick CRASH and stick with it. This year, I went with the sentimental favourite, and got burned, like I think most everyone did.

Next year, I'll have learned my lesson, and will stick with my gut feeling.

Good film won, boring show overall. Jon Stewart is funny on The Daily Show, but I didn't think it translated for the Oscars.

Friday, March 03, 2006

In this time of the year, when movies

like FINAL DESTINATION 3 have a shot at being the Number 1 movie in the country, I take great solice in the fact that where I live where there are art houses.

This weekend, I saw MRS. HENDERSON PRESENTS, the movie that Dame Judi Dench is nominated for Best Actress for this year.

In the movie, Judi Dench plays Laura Henderson who shortly after her husband's death, to relieve her boredom, buys a West End theater, the Windmill. With his cigars and pomaded coif, Vivian Van Damm (Bob Hoskins) is the manager she hires and immediately locks horns with. He wants complete artistic freedom, she wants to meddle. After the Windmill's initial success dwindles, she comes up with idea of doing a show in which the girls onstage appear naked.

It's wartime in London, and between Blitzes the theater does a thriving business in servicemen. Despite its scandalous reputation, the show itself is relentlessly tasteful, in the manner of '40s Hollywood musicals: In order to stay within the bounds of official censorship, the girls pose decorously as tableaux vivants. They're nudie cuties serving the cause of king and country.

Dench's role is so in her comic range that it would be easy to mistake it as her doing it in her sleep. The key to her performance is the depth of feeling beneath the imperiousness.
Henderson is nobody's fool, but as the film rolls along we start to realize that it is foolish passion she truly craves.
She finds it with Van Damm, who is as no-nonsense as she is. (Theirs is a real-life story). Van Damm and Mrs. Henderson are forever fighting each other because, of course, they recognize how much alike they are. Although Van Damm has a wife, his bickering with Mrs. Henderson mimics a marriage in which the jabs are really love pats. In one particularly memorable comic scene, an assistant interrupts the two of them at full throttle and is informed by Mrs. Henderson that "you must never interrupt a perfectly good argument."

There is plenty of Wit like that in MRS. HENDERSON PRESENTS, compliments of Screenwriter Martin Sherman, who is at his best with these kinds of exchanges, and Director Stephen frears keeps things moving briskly along. The film is crafted very well: you watch the emotions slide from Witty Banter to utter sadness in one fell swoop, and at no time do you ever feel like you are being manipulated emotionally by a bunch of hucksters.

The director, like his actors, understands how high theatrics especially with show people, often hides deeper emotions.

Mrs. Henderson Presents presents theatre life with gusto! It's a nice break from the February Movie Blahs!