Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So, theaters are feeling threatened...

Hollywood has decided to experiment with a 60 day window for theatrical films before those films are put on a premium video on demand service, where you the movie-going public can watch the movie from the comfort of your own homes for a mere $30. This is try and make up for the declining DVD revenue.

Theaters are naturally upset over this development, since it cuts into their share of the small revenue they get from the already shrinking box office. This makes me wonder if The time of the multiplex has almost reached the end.

For me (I can't really talk for anyone else, so why try) I really have to be convinced by quite a few people over the whole "Theatre Experience", where I can see a movie with state of the art projection and sound.

I have a projection and sound system that rivals any theatre in my area. The difference between staying at home and going to a theatre is that I can control my environment at home. In the theatre I have to put up with:

  • High admission prices

  • insanely high concession prices

  • sitting with the most rude group of people that I can meet.

At home I can invite people over, and maintain a theatre going experience minus the talking and texting. The snacks are healthier, and the projection is better than the theaters.

Personally, I wouldn't mind having a few people over to help cover the cost of the showing, and actually make it a group experience.

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